Topline Audio is the first modification house in the  Eastern European and Middle-Eastern region  to serve audiophiles with 20 years of  true engineering and audiophile knowledge. With  a vast background in High-End Audio, our philosophy is towards achieving the truthful performance in the components, that would emphasize the life-like elegance with the most realistic micro-details.

Following thousands of hours of research in the field, Topline Audio team has achieved a synergy that some would  describe  as ‘The final resort within Audiophilia’. This performance is achieved with very special components especially manufactured for Topline Audio. We are mentioning NOS Japanese resistors, custom-manufactured and matched German capacitors, cyrogenically-treated Japanese gold/palladium tube sockets, and custom-manufactured solders.

The  research has revealed the fact that,  it is possible to upgrade a typical performance league of 10.000 usd (msrp) amplifier, (or pre-amp or a speaker) to a 100.000+ league one,  following a  haute-couture treatment. The result is ultimate transparency, speed, soundstage, focus, and liquidity, and an organic musicality  that would  may be called a  life-like performance.

It is unfortunately impossible to attain such a synergy with the everyday mediocre parts within a component, or a single ‘upgrade’ move  without enormous research.

A general misunderstanding on modification...

Modification is usually misunderstood by many.  Changing a wire or  a socket would  merely shift the generic manufacturer’s sound somehow. It would be a linear movement, with the possible danger of a sonic tradeoff that may hurt the fundamental balance of the system.  

On the other hand  a robust approach;   introducing a synergic  top-end component package  for each schematic,  would reveal the same perfect result in each modification. Following thousands of hours of research in the field,  Topline Audio has started, for the first time, to create robust synergies within components that would maximize the performance.



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