New synergy with minimum loss

Apart from the very special Topline package,  we have decided to incorporate to our sales process the below items that best suit to Topline philosophy.

All the below items in which Toplineaudio holds the exclusive regional distributorship reinforce  the signal path with their minimum loss characteristics.

Mundorf Kapasitörleri

M-CAP® Supreme Silver & Gold Oil capacitors are top of the line capacitors of Mundorf Company.  Some would even call then ‘top-end'. Following thousands of hours of research and auditioning of the ToplineAudio team, there is nothing better than SilverGold Oil within the fundamentals of High-End Audio. In terms of performance, there is no compromise in shedding light to ultra-high end performance.

Duelund CAST PIO

Just like Bread and Butter, the DUELUND CAST PIO capacitors just complement the Mundorf line so well in our upgrade path, with their amazing organic feeling and real-life harmonics – this time in the crossover section of the speakers.

We almost always prefer to use Mundorf SilverGoldOil in components and DUELUND in crossover sections. DUELUND shares our philosophy of truly achieving a ‘COST-NO-OBJECT' manufacturing for the sake of bringing the hidden emotions with the real-life speed, body, soundstage and ambiance.

Attenuator: DACT


In terms of Attenuators,  DACT is, without a doubt, the best performing unit on the pre-amp stage.  We also utilize DACT attenuators in pre-amps, in order to finalize our top-end modification process.

Connectors: Eichmann


With the revolutionary technology of single-point contact,  Eichmann has been tried and imitated by many others.  In our opinion, only Eichmann - the pioneer of single-point contact- has preserved the ultimate synergy within our tests.  We have found  no sonic coloration in the Eichmann connectors in comparison to other known brands.

Contact Enhancer: QuickSilver Gold


Quantum SilverGold Contact Enhancer.

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