Our know-how lies in creating synergies at the top-end, that would be best expressed as approaching to the ultimate port of the audiophile  truth.

A truthful performance in each music type -  Jazz or Classical Music - Trio, Quartet or a Symphony.

Organic and Natural with:

Correct Presence, Body and Low-Level Detail
Perfect Focus, Perfect Soundstage
True Speed and Overall Balance
Coherence and Liquidity
Top-Level Resolution & Micro-Details

Perhaps the ultimate port achieving a life-like performance

Indeed,  the final performance is so life-like that it would be too difficult to distinguish the new synergy with a single audiophile term.

Most of the products within this synergy are custom- manufactured for Topline Audio.

Custom manufactured, ultra-matched German Capacitors (SilverGold Editions)
Custom manufactured, film folio power units.
NOS Japanese Resistors.  Non-magnetic tantalum resistors for the critical signal path.
All wires custom-manufactured and cyrogenically treated under extreme cold temperatures.
For systems of  Copper Preferance: 6N purity-level US-based copper wire,  for Copper-based systems.
For systems of Silver  Preferance: Extremely pure European based Silver & SilverGold wires.
For tube amps: Cyro-Treated pure gold over teflon sockets from Japan

All modification packages include specially produced -  German made - SilverGold solders.

Many audiophiles have mistaken to use the standard industry brand/versions of the above listing to create a synergy.  Topline Audio synergy is far from establishing  modest  hi-end improvements, but rather in creating units to serve the final life-like  performance.

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